Webinar on 'RECENT TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY ' -03/05/2021 to 05/05/2021 Organised by Department of Biotechnology in association with KSCSTE, TVM  

MSc Biotechnology programme started in 2003 which offeres two year MSc programme. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science. The MSc  programme imparts basic and advanced knowledge  in interdisciplinary fields of biotechnology. There are many ethical issues associated with experiments and products related to biotechnology. The students should be  aware of the ethical issues, personal and environmental safety during biotechnology practices. Documentation and  research methodology should be familiarised to the PG students and this is achieved through implementation of projects in the fourth semester. 



Currently biological data is accumulating in huge quantities and this programme aims at the use of modern tools to study and analyse the biological data. It equips the candidates to meet the demands of the society to get sustainable products and processes through biotechnology and also aimed to make an impact through research and technology-based training.


With a vibrant academic environment and a unique approach to learning that involves thought provoking discussions and constant interaction among students and faculty, the M.Sc Biotechnology provides an ideal setting for all-round development of students to become well-trained in all aspects of Biotechnology and related fields.