The Department of Malayalam started with the inception of the College in 1995. It remains to be a subsidiary department since there is no UG or PG Course in Malayalam language. The department handles the teaching of Malayalam as an additional language at the Degree level. Out of the courses offered by the College in its initial years, Malayalam, as an additional language was only offered in B-Com. Starting in 2014, B-Sc Mathematics students were also offered the subject. Currently, B-Com students in 1st and 2nd semesters, and B-Sc students till 4th semester have Malayalam as their complementary course.


For familiarizing the students with the same, a notice board is put up in front of the office where new words are published daily. Also, for increasing the interpersonal skills of the students, regular debates and seminars are conducted where students can actively participate and engage in healthy discussions. The ever growing library and the collection of classics as well as modern day publications will surely make the students embark on an exciting journey of experiencing the rare and forgotten beauty of Malayalam.


Malayalam started gaining its long-lost importance since it was established as the official language of Kerala. But, the Department of Malayalam stayed loyal to its duty for preserving and nurturing our mother tongue during its highs and lows since its establishment. The younger generation is more familiar with English words and phrases than its Malayalam counterpart