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Spoken English club

Since proficiency in English is synonymous with success, the Spoken English Club of our college plays a stellar role in fine tuning the English of its members. The majority of the students who seek admission to undergraduate courses  are at abysmally low levels of language skills as Konni is an educationally backward rural area.They find their confidence dipping the moment they are expected to communicate in English. We focus the first  and second year students who aspire to improve their command over the English language qualitatively for functional requirements especially, to master communication skills to join the corporate world.


To facilitate the process of refining the functional English of our learners, the club imparts to them maximum teaching-learning exposure to the innovative treatment of grammar, the subtle aspects of paralinguistic elements of phonetics like the pronunciation, stress, accent, intonation etc, the enrichment of vocabulary and many more. It hosts a series of literary reviews, film reviews, critical appreciations, group discussions, peer learning etc to impart literary knowledge and fluency and to yield aesthetic satisfaction for better life. It bravely opens new vistas of emotional intelligence, inferential comprehension, lateral thinking, critical thinking, accelerated learning, soft skills, and interview skills  to help all its associates reach the higher levels of learning.These objectives are met simultaneously with the same rigour as the contents taught as part of the stipulated syllabus.


In addition, the Spoken English Club delicately blends the mixture of qualities, characteristics and traits as part of the personality grooming of its learning fraternity to acquire professional skills and attain the pinnacles of achievement. In toto, the club committedly equips its members, carve a niche for themselves in their chosen fields to be smart enough to transcend mediocrity.


Prof. Sathyanarayanan S


Prof. Anitha A O