Our Management

SAS SNDP Yogam College belongs to the Corporate Management of SNDP Yogam Colleges, Kollam. The General Secretary of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam is its manager. The SNDP Yogam council is the managing committee. There is a local RDC (Regional Development Committee) to advise the manager on matters related to its colleges. The college RDC comprises seven members including the chairman, convener and the principal and other members. The manager of the college visits the institution and meets the staff on all important occasions and as and when special situation arises. The Education Secretary of SNDP Yogam is in charge of the affairs of the college. The head of the institution is the principal who takes final decisions in the routine affairs of the College in keeping with the policies of the management. On the administrative side the principal is assisted by the college council. All the major decisions and policy changes are implemented in consultation with the Managing Board and Staff Council. The Staff Council is a statutory body which consists of the Principal, Heads of all departments and the Librarian. The Staff Council meets once a month or more often. Meetings and discussions at various levels ensure transparency and co-ordination in organizational and administrative process. The heads of the departments who are the members of the Staff Council consult with their respective faculty members who put in suggestions. Important issues are discussed at the general body meetings of the associations of teaching staff and non-teaching staff and this guarantees the involvement of faculty and support staff in all major decisions taken. Quality initiatives suggested by the Departments are brought to the Staff Council and IQAC. After discussion, practically possible suggestions are forwarded to the Managing Board for approval. Policies are implemented through different committees after approval is granted. Interactive discussions at various levels offer easy access to the top management and the principal.