Parent-Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association


An active parent-teacher association functions in this college with the principal as its president, a parent as Vice President, and a teacher as secretary. The guardians of all the students admitted to the college and all the members of the staff are members of the association. It is aimed at the co-operation and participation of parents in full measure to promote the welfare of the student and development of the college. It helps the Principal to maintain a healthy campus ambiance It also extends incentives and financial assistance to deserving students.


  1. Dr. B. S Kishore Kumar -President
  2. Sri. Binuraj CR- Secretary
  3. Sri. Manoj – Vice President
  4. Smt. Deepthi K S- Treasurer
  5. Sri. Praveen Kumar V S- Member
  6. Smt. Amitha S - Member
  7. Smt. Lekha C- Member
  8. Sri. Kanakan-Member
  9. Sri. Muhammed Siddique-Member



Our Meetings


PTA Meeting

PTA Meetings

  • 31
  • 03
  • 2021
  • 2.00 P M-3.00 P M
  • SAS SNDP Yogam College, Konni

PTA Members