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Encon and Biodiversity club

Encon club is poorly a voluntary non-profit group activity of students aimed at practicing energy conservation and environment protection. This gives a platform for the members to acquire, process, and share knowledge on the subject. Kochi Refinery started Encon clubs in the year 2002 with the ambitious aim of associating with the younger generation in protecting and preserving the environment. The main objective of the Encon Club is to drive home the message of energy conservation and environmental protection in the minds of students, by planning and organizing regular activities. Talks seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other awareness programmes are undertaken by these clubs every year to spread the message of energy conservation and environment protection. This way we wish to create a strong network of environment conscious people who would pass on the tradition to the generation next.

          Kerala State Biodiversity Board is planning to establish ‘Biodiversity Clubs’ in Colleges and Higher Secondary Schools in order to implement programmes to conserve biodiversity in a timely manner. Biodiversity Conservation programmes will be conducted by the Biodiversity Clubs in University Campus, Colleges and Higher Secondary Schools. These biodiversity

clubs will carry out programmes for the conservation of local biodiversity in accordance with Biodiversity Acts, in association with local Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs). In addition, these clubs will also establish ‘Shanthisthal’, a man-made forest ecosystem in the colleges, where at least a minimum of 10-20 cents would be made available for making a forest grove with RET (Rare, Endangered and Threatened) species. This protected Shanthisthal maintained by the Biodiversity Club of the college in due course of time will

become a biodiversity-rich area of rare and endangered plant and animal species without human hindrance.

The main objectives of establishing the Biodiversity Clubs include:

• In association with BMCs conduct biodiversity studies.

• Involve in the activities of forming People’s Biodiversity Registers

• Assessing the local biodiversity and come up with programmes on benefit sharing of biodiversity resources in association with BMCs

• Conducting awareness programmes on biodiversity conservation

• Equip younger generation to create biodiversity awareness in the community

• Help to materialise Biodiversity conservation plans proposed by BMC of the area Organisational structure


Biodiversity clubs will have an organisational structure as given below:

Patron: Principal of the College

Coordinator: Dr NishaRsj. S

Executive committee:

    Dr. Priyasenan V

    Dr. Indu. C. Nair

    Dr. Sona. A

    Dr. Rejimol. D

    Smt. Soumya M V

    Smt. Deepthi K S

    Smt. Jayakala S