BSc. Mathematics

Department of Mathematics, the newest department on the campus, offers BSc. Mathematics, a six semester programme. The students who complete our B Sc. Mathematics programme can pursue higher studies in Mathematics/ Statistics/Computer Science/ Management leading to research and teaching profession. The programme offers special training for: 1. Competitive exams like bank tests and UPSC exams 2. Recruitment drives of IT and other reputed companies

"The Strength of our College is the faculty, Who go out of their way to help students succeed."


SAS College mathematics department started in the year 1995 as inter disciplinary department .Started with vision to introduce Mathematics to the society as an expression of the human mind, which reflects the active will, contemplative reason and develops the desire for aesthetic perfection. The mission to introduce Mathematics discipline for casting citizens responsible to the society In B.Sc Mathematics was introduced and semester system was introduced in 2015. The University introduced choice based credit and semester system in B.Sc. from 2014 onwards. ...Read More