MSc Geology(Aided)

MSc Course in Geology started in February 2021 as a two year regular programme under the Dept. of Geology. Geology is the science that deals with the earth's structure, subsurface and its materials, history & process act on it. An important aspect of geology is the study of how those materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time. 

The geology students have a number of opportunities depending on their areas of interests. They can choose a number of possible careers such as Geoscientists, Mining and Geological engineers, Hydrogeologists, Meteorologists, GIS and Geographic specialists etc.

Geology is an inductive science that requires creative geologists to develop hypotheses, sort through any available data, and determine the most logical theory based on that data.

The study of Geology helps to the investigation of mineral resources, analysis and the solution of environmental related problems in the field of construction and engineering areas, prediction and its remedial measures of geological hazards.

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