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Campus Beautification and Environmental club

The Campus Beautification Club of SAS has ever been keen on the importance and utility of a physically thriving and vibrant campus that imparts good impression and instils pride. The club has unlocked creativity to beautify the campus in such a way as to add ambience to the lushy green location with its uphill terrain. 

The Campus Beautification Club, in unison with the NSS unit, Bhoomitrasena Club and Biodiversity Club, has been conducting periodic cleaning of campus over the years. Tree saplings and seedlings, brought from one of the organs of the forest department of Konni, have been planted on the campus. The walkway is prettified with myriad potted plants of pied enticement and luring fragrance. The recent adjunct was the setup of a Nakshatra Vanam (trees representing the 27 Zodiac signs or stars in Malayalam starting and ending with Aswathy and Revathy respectively). 



Prof. Sathyanarayanan S


Smt. Sabeena Balachandran

Dr. Rejimol D

Smt. Anitha A O

Smt. Bindhu Prabha

Smt. Shyni S Das

Dr. Rajesh N

Dr. Nisharaj N

Dr. Sona A

Sri. Jijith V S

Smt. Bindhu K L