The Department of Hindi was established in 1995 along with the BCom course. An effective teaching-learning and tutorial system is in force in the dept . Test papers, assignments, and group discussions are organized to monitor the academic performance of the students. It offers facilities for intensive study in different areas of the Hindi language and literature, translation, and comparative literature.y teaching Hindi as a language, we promote a feeling of integrity among the students and inculcate a love for our National language


To evolve a cultured human being to learn and propagate what is good in language, literacy and culture so as to interact positively in changing times


To create awareness about social issues of concern, in the use of digital technology • To perfect the mastery of language with efficient communicative skills • To acquire a good set of vocabulary and language structure • To create awareness about Hindi Literature • Enlighten the mind of students in the study of Literature • To build up the capacity of translation and communication among the students • Hindi is our National Language and secondly the Official Language