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Sports, Health and Fitness Club

With the vision of holistic development of the student and to build a healthy and stress-free campus, the club has been organizing various events.  Generally, by the term 'health', we understand only physical fitness, which is not so very correct, in fact, it includes Physical, Mental, and Emotional fitness. A stress-free mind, a non-prejudiced intellect, a trauma-free memory, and an inclusive ego are what a student community, the teaching staff, and non-teaching staff are supposed to attain in order to give constructive direction to the intellect, a rational approach in the discussions and hence holistic decisions health and fitness club ensures the above. We keep conducting various workshops for the students, teachers, and support members of the campus. Physical education and fitness classes are planned for active participation for students and staff. Qualities of self-defense, flexibility, endurance, strength spiritual and mental health, and above all the spirit of sportsmanship developed through Judo-karate, Aerobics, Yoga, Table Tennis, shuttle badminton, Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, etc.




1. Foster healthy development of students in their settings of home, community, and peer group so that they can learn, grow and make a positive contribution now and in the future.

2. Offer colleges a framework for developing health promotions initiatives in a way that supports and enhances their existing structures, programs, and practices.

3. Help the college in evaluating the range of related activities they are currently involved in, identifying areas of need, and setting goals for further promotion of wellbeing.

4. Raise awareness of the importance of promoting health for all of us.



Dr. Kishore Kumar B S


1. Sri. Sathyanarayanan S

2. Smt. Sabeena Balachandran

3. Dr. Rejimol D

4. Smt. Krishna kumari K

5. Sri. Sooraj S

6. Dr. Nisha Raj S

7. Smt. Soumya M V

8. Smt. Spasiba Raveendran

9. Sri. Jijith V S

10. Dr. Sona A