Under the “New Initiatives in Higher Education” of the department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, a specialized mentoring programme called Walk With a Scholar(WWS) started in this college in 2015-16 academic year. Last year (2018-19), WWS activities completed successfully with in the allotted time. The College Council along with the IQAC cell shall acts as the monitoring committee for the implementation of the programme and the coordinator should function in consultation with the Principal and college Council. The Scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to needy students. This academic year (2019-2020), Bindhu Prabha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science Application has   continued as the Coordinator of the Programme.  Presently 90 scholars from first year, second year & third year are under this scheme and for internal mentoring. As per the guide lines from higher education from our college we selected students based on their merit as well as their interest in this program. After completing the selection process of students, Principal appointed five internal faculties as internal mentors for the first year students from the respective department of scholars. Second year and third year internal mentor has b already selected in the last year. This year the WWS Scheme hopes to provide students with opportunities for learning to achieve the main outcomes includes “Academic Excellence, Personal Growth, and Social Orientation. Higher Education has designed a special curriculum for both External and internal mentoring. Classes have been conducted to the WWS scholars on the basis of this.       

Coordinator- Prof.Bindhu Prabha, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Application                   

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) 

The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is a joint venture of General and Higher Education Departments to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses.

We considers ASAP as a great opportunity to equip the students according to the present needs of the society.  Majority of the students are hailing from socially and economically backward communities. The institution level ASAP  centre  was established in the college in March 2015 with an intake capacity of 30 students  for each academic year. Centre offers Foundation courses and students are allotted to different skill centers for skill based courses.

Convener-Prof. Krishna Kumar M R, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Application


The Scholar Support Programme (SSP) envisions to provide continuous support to needy students of the Undergraduate courses of Government and Aided Arts and Science colleges in Kerala. The scholar support programme aims at imparting personalized academic support to needy students. This programme has been started by the Directorate of Collegiate Education. The funds allotted for this programme are used for improving the academic merit of the students who are studying in first and second year Under Graduate programmes. The beneficiaries of the Scholar Support Programmes are the students, who are studying in first and second years in under graduate programmes. The selected students of this programme are grouped and assigned a trainer for each group. In our college eighty students were selected from four departments and provided special assistance to them. The academic sessions of this programme are handled by internal resource persons and external trainers. Coaching for the core and complementary courses were handled by the internal trainers. Besides, the Internal mentors had conducted ten hours mentoring sessions for students before and after the normal teaching hours. As part of this programme the internal and external mentors have prepared and distributed simplified notes and solved question papers to the students concerned and also gave them exam-oriented coaching.

Convener-Prof. Shyni S Das, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Application