The Department of English

With the inception of SAS SNDP Yogam College in 1995 was established the Department of English, and ever since, it has been pivotal in lending the students the prowess to communicate in the global language. English is taught as a Common Course for Undergraduate students of various streams.

The diligent and motivated academics are very keen on honing all the four skills associated with language, for proper and effective interpersonal communication, of their students by incorporating state-of-the-art channel like ICT enabled teaching. The Department makes steady progress by scaling heights in academic performance. It asserts its commitment to the student community through allied activities like organization of seminars, discussions, and debates. In addition, remedial coaching and counselling are tendered to the needy. The college library is getting expanded every year in terms of quantity and quality with English books on language and literature.

The Department fends off complacency that forestalls the sweep and shots for further improvement. Not being carried away by the palms and laurels of the past, it cruises along in search of novel ways and means to further the interests of the student community as well as society at large.            


“Enlightenment through education” enunciated by the Guru is the ultimate motive ingrained in every activity of the department that strives to equip students with knowledge and skills, inculcate values, identify their hidden talents and provide opportunities to realize the potential, and mould them to become great leaders and entrepreneurs and primarily good humans.


The department fosters academic and career success of students by developing their hard and soft skills, creativity, cultural awareness and the faculty of critical thinking.


Bestow value based, holistic tutelage concocting traditional and innovative practices.$@ Design the befitting platform for students to explore and unleash their creative potential.$@ Accoutre the undergraduates with skills essential for adapting themselves to the changing global scenario and spruce them up to gain access to multiple career opportunities.$@ Implant in the students the dignity of all professions without disparity, belief in diligence, core values of ecology, gender equality and human rights.